Societal challenges such as climate change, land subsidence, CO2 emissions and the scarcity of fossil fuels require new, sustainable solutions. The call for a more biobased and circular society and economy is becoming ever greater and increasingly necessary.

But what does a biobased future look like and how are we going to get there?

Biobased Creations, by Company New Heroes, is a creative studio that specializes in installations, projects and storytelling about the transition towards a regenerative and circular world. We consider all aspects of the transition, from green energy to biobased building, from a new economy to social innovations.  We are a network of designers, researchers, artists and storytellers that strive for a new ecosystem that is fair and sustainable for man and nature.

Recent internationally award-winning projects include The Growing Pavilion (2019) and The Exploded View Beyond Building (2021). 

Check out our work below and join us for new projects exploring possible futures.