The Growing Pavilion

An ode to biobased building

The Growing Pavilion is an iconic ode to biobased materials. The award winning pavilion is unique in the large number of biobased materials used together to create a building and shows how it shows the possibilities and the new aesthetic of biobased materials.

“The current pollution and unhealthy ways of constructing and living has encouraged the studio to work with bio-based materials in a beautiful way.”

Dezeen Awards highly commended The Growing Pavilion

The 10 ton CO2 negative and 95% circular structure is made up of five grown core raw materials: wood, mycelium, residual flows from the agricultural sector, bulrush (cattail) and cotton. Showcasing each material as raw as possible, the pavilion has a very distinctive visual identity, organic texture and color. It stands as a necessary and viable solution for reducing the use of fossil resources and its destructive impact on climate change. Sparking imagination to trigger a turnaround in thinking, acting and building biobased.

Inside the pavilion offers visitors a storytelling experience, taking them on a biobased journey of what is already possible but also what the near future will bring. But also sharing the big questions and unknowns we need to solve together. The Growing Pavilion is a catalyst, starting, sharing and driving the conversation about biobased building that is essential to achieve the desired change in our thinking and doing.

Where to find The Growing Pavilion
The Growing Pavilion received its first visitors at Dutch Design Week 2021. In the next year, the pavilion was part of Mycelium Parc at Floriade Expo 2022.

Highlights, Awards & Publications

  • Architizer – A+Award finalist in the Architecture+ New Materials category
  • STARTS Prize – Honorary Mention 2021
  • Dezeen Awards – Highly Commended: Small Building of The Year 2020
  • ARC20 – Innovatie Award
  • 75.000 visitors @ Dutch Design Week 2019
  • 500.000 visitors @ Floriade Expo 2022

Want to know more about the materials used in the pavilion? In our “Materials Atlas”, we listed all the materials with full background stories. We also included the various pioneers and experts on these materials. The Materials Atlas explores how far we can currently go in our ambition to build fully biobased creations and the challenges design and construction sectors experience in taking the next steps.

Design: Pascal Leboucq  
Concept: Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man & Eric Klarenbeek (Klarenbeek & Dros)

The Growing Pavilion is a project by Biobased Creations and Dutch Design Foundation.

The Growing Pavilion is made possible by Stichting Doen, Brabant C, BPD cultuurfonds & Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds.

The Growing Pavilion is built by Fiction Factory, Tentech, Buitink Technology. In collaboration with: Primum, HuisVeendam, ECO-board,, Braindrop BV, Impershield, Houthandel Looijmans, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, Botanic Bites, BioBased Delta, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), Natuurvezel Applicatie Centrum (NAC), Sounding Bodies, Juro Coating, Noorderwind, Floriade Almere 2022. 

The team of The Growing Pavilion: Pascal Leboucq, Diana van Bokhoven, Emiel Rietvelt, Lucas De Man, Jasper van den Berg, Amber Bloos, Dona Popovici, Naomi Jansen, Anne Caesar van Wieren, Bente Konings, Wouter Goedheer, Bas van Rijnsoever, Isil Vos, Jip Verwiel.

More information on the biobased materials used in this project can be found in