Possible Landscapes Rewetted Peatland, de Peel

Realistic possibilities for a wet landscape

Realistic possibilities for a wet landscape, co created with local stakeholders, resulting in a maquette installation. This installation showcases a profitable farm with wet crops and modular, biobased homes in nature. 

What, where, when
3 sessions during Dutch Design Week 2022
Exhibition at a.o. Natuurpoort de Peel, Springtij, DDW23. 

Possible Landscapes is a multi year research into the regenerative rural and urban landscapes of today and tomorrow.

A program by Biobased Creations where creatives work, per case, together with local stakeholders and partners, on new perspectives for the living environment that add ecological and social value in addition to economic value.

Find out more on www.possiblelandscapes.com
More information on the biobased materials used in this project can be found on biobasedmaterials.org

Concept & Design: Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man, Biobased Creations

Partners: Brabant C, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Rabobank, Dutch Design Foundation, Mooi NL, Waterschap Aa en Maas, Innovatiehuis de Peel, Building Balance, Paludi Plants, Avallo, Studio Liselot Cobelens, HuisVeendam, Rietgoed, Crush on Nature, Fix Green Building.