Craft by Nature

Because the future of crafts is in nature!

This expo-installation portrays a house turned inside out. Visitors walk around the house and discover furniture and other daily applied products made from nature, shown next to the nature they are made of.

In 2023 deTour invited Biobased Creations as their international partner for their annual design festival. The developed expo is not just a display of innovative design but a platform for knowledge exchange. Biobased Creations, armed with a wealth of experience from projects such as The Growing Pavilion, The Exploded View Beyond Building, Possible Landscapes and Nature Building Project, brings their expertise to Craft by Nature.

Lucas De Man, Pascal Leboucq and local storytellers will be actively engaged in meetings, workshops and throughout the exposition, sharing the narratives behind the designs and emphasizing the connection between craftsmanship and nature.

 ”With Craft by Nature we want to make the statement to grow our cities again. Investing in a biobased economy is investing in a healthy environment.”

Pascal Leboucq

Showcasing Designers and Raw Materials
Craft by Nature presents a curated selection of designers and raw materials at the forefront of sustainable design. Examples include the use of cattail, reeds, mycelium, and seaweed, crops that grow in both countries.

More information on the biobased materials used in this project can be found on

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