Building as a Landscape

A regenerative pavilion

In 2025 we will realize the next step in the transition to a new value system in the world of construction, agriculture and landscape with the visionary pavilion Building as a Landscape.

The pavilion is the representation of our multi-year Regenerative city & infrastructure program. A collaborative initiative with partners from construction, infrastructure, ecology, water management, design and startups. Our shared goal is to transform the construction and infrastructure sector so that it adds economic, environmental and social value. We always ask ourselves the question: how can we develop buildings and infrastructure that contribute to the well-being of people and nature!?

Building as a landscape
The central question for the pavilion is: how do you create buildings and infrastructure that are also nature themselves? The answer is Building as a landscape, a pavilion that is an active part of the urban landscape in which it is located.

The pavilion breathes and lives. Both the facades and the roof collect water, purify it and thus nourish the environment. The walls, roof and even the foundation are a habitat for fungi, insects, birds and other animals. The pavilion and the building systems of roads, waterways, bridges and noise barriers that it houses form an ecological connection with the landscape around it. Water and soil are leading in this ode to nature.

In the pavilion we show various innovative materials, building systems, ideas, designs and projects in the field of regenerative construction (new construction, conversion and renovation) and infrastructure. What is already possible now and in the near future? We focus on ‘green-blue’ applications for roofs, facades, infrastructure (including bridges) and soil. We demonstrate applications that strengthen the quality of the soil and water and ensure a robust water system aimed at storage, slow release of water and natural purification. We see making as much use of local geo-based raw materials and bio-based materials as possible as an essential value.

Artist impression pavilion Anne Caesar

Awareness, inspiration and experiment
The power of this pavilion is the 1:1 architectural representation of a transition from building to landscape and from landscape to infrastructure. A pavilion that not only shows and depicts mutual regenerative systems, but is also a perfect mockup for testing and monitoring from an existing ecological context. The pavilion will remain on location for a few years so that we can properly test and monitor the innovations.

An experience for the visitor
Visitors to the pavilion can see with their own eyes that regenerative construction and infrastructure is already possible. We make water an essential part of building systems, allowing for more intensive contact between people and water. We strive for a stronger connection between people and nature, and specifically water, which will increase awareness and care for water. Visitors can experience the pavilion and the landscape around it by walking on, around and into it, touching everything and absorbing the stories through text and images. We give them a hopeful story and a clear need to move on and work together more.

Artist impression pavilion Anne Caesar

Pavilion as accelerator
In the coming year, we will work with interested partners to select regenerative applications, materials and concepts that are interesting to develop and scale up. We work per idea with a coalition of builders, producers, growers, nature experts and designers. The developed applications are presented and tested in a travelable exhibition and the pavilion so that they can be applied in practice more quickly. It is precisely by working together in coalitions with real market parties that we increase and accelerate the chance of truly regenerative construction and infrastructure.

We share all the knowledge gained in developing these innovations with our partners and even with anyone who is interested. In this way, together we stimulate the transformation we so long for.

Do you want to contribute to the transition to regenerative construction through research, imagination and storytelling? Do you want to become part of our network and gain access to all research and applications? Do you want to collaborate and experiment with other pioneers and reach a wide audience? We’d love to have a conversation. Please contact one of our team members:

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