Possible Landscapes High sandy soils, de Achterhoek

Possible Landscapes High Sandy Soils – De Achterhoek tells stories about living, building and farming together in the Achterhoek, focusing on regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and biobased materials. An important condition is healthy soil that retains sufficient water. The stories are based on perspectives collected from a broad group of local stakeholders. These perspectives have been transformed with story and imagination into a beautiful model installation that is made entirely from natural materials in collaboration with designers.

What, where, when
2 sessions at Wonion, 5 October 2023
Exhibition at DDW 23
Exhibition at Wonion, Ulft – 23 April until 28 May 2024

Photo: About.Today
Visualization of session outcomes by Sander Mercx, exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2023. Photo: About.Today

Possible Landscapes is a multi year research into the regenerative rural and urban landscapes of today and tomorrow.

A program by Biobased Creations where creatives work, per case, together with local stakeholders and partners, on new perspectives for the living environment that add ecological and social value in addition to economic value.

Find out more on www.possiblelandscapes.com
More information on the biobased materials used in this project can be found on biobasedmaterials.org

Concept & Design: Lucas De Man, Ruben Bus, Pascal Leboucq; Biobased Creations

Possible Landscapes High Sandy soils, de Achterhoek is made possible by:
MooiNL, SamenBiobasedBouwen.

In collaboration with material partners & designers:
Anne Caesar, Crush On Nature, Dasha Tsapenko, Ecoplex, Omlab.

In In collaboration with knowledgepartners:
Het Buitenburo (Dyon Temming), Boom Landscape, Landgoed Velhorst, LKSVDD Architecten, One Architecture, UFO Urbanism, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Wam&VanDuren, Werkend Landschap en Neder|land|schap.