Possible Landscapes High sandy soils, de Achterhoek

Ecological, economical and societal research with local stakeholders into the possibilities for a sustainable use of a landscape with high sandy soils. The area consists of a mix of stream valleys, young heathland clearings, ashes (high fields) and planted drifting sands. Drought is a major problem in this region. In this program, we explore opportunities for sustainable landscape design with enough water and healthy farmer to builder chains.

A 3D print presenting the current situation is the first part of the installation. It is made by Omlab and consists of only natural materials. The scenarios retrieved during the co-creation sessions serve as the basis for the second part of the installation. This part is expected early 2024 and can be used as a starting point to facilitate conversations about sustainable area development.

What, where, when
2 sessions at Wonion, 5 October 2023
Exhibition at DDW 23

Visualization of session outcomes by Sander Mercx, exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2023. Photo: About.Today

Possible Landscapes is a multi year research into the regenerative rural and urban landscapes of today and tomorrow.

A program by Biobased Creations where creatives work, per case, together with local stakeholders and partners, on new perspectives for the living environment that add ecological and social value in addition to economic value.

Find out more on www.possiblelandscapes.com
More information on the biobased materials used in this project can be found on biobasedmaterials.org

Concept & Design: Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man, Biobased Creations
Partners: MooiNL, Samen Biobased Bouwen, Omlab.