This is Overijssel

A circular statue built solely of raw materials

Dit is Overijssel is a circular statue commissioned by the museum Fundatie in Zwolle (NL) and purchased for the provincial art collection. The statue is built solely of raw materials sourced in Overijssel, such as reed from the Weerribben, local chalk hemp craft and 3D-printed mycelium and wasted paper cups. The statement piece artistically exhibits the lesser known applications of natural resources and agricultural products from Overijssel and puts forward a radical new vision on the potential of nature + knowledge in the province of Overijssel. This is Overijsel inspires citizens to rethink our relationship with local soil and build using local materials.

Concept: Lucas De Man
Design: Pascal Leboucq
Commissioned by museum Fundatie and the province of Overijssel 

Joris van Tubergen, in collaboration with House of DUS, Thijs Rodenburg (Biopolymers) en Ruud Rouleaux (Colorfabb)
Jory Swart
Blast Studio