Crop-product expo Building Balance

From fibre to material

What can we make from hemp, grain straw, miscanthus and flax?

In this installation, made for Building Balance, we show four crop-product combinations. You can use these fiber crops to make building materials and the most beautiful materials for the interior. Each crop is presented in a combination of panels that tell more about the crop and its possibilities on two sides. On one side about the crop, for example: where and when does it grow, what does it yield, what are the benefits for the landscape? On the other side we show semi-finished and finished products such as insulation and panel materials and floors. Centrally placed is the crop itself.

Building Balance is a program that aims to accelerate the use of bio raw materials in construction by encouraging and supporting independent, regional and national chains ‘from land to property’, or from farmer to builder. Read more about the program on this website.